Diplomatic Fellows

To qualify as a Diplomatic Fellow of Texas Genealogical College, an individual must have served as a national leader of a lineage society, which may include those serving as a national trustee or member of a national executive committee or have published a book on genealogy/history or family history, or have become certified as a genealogist. Visit our Membership page for further information.  

Texas Genealogical College is incredibly proud of our Diplomatic Fellow members!    
Bassett, Sandra K. 
Beard, John C. 
Belcher, Michael E. 
Bockstruck, Lloyd D. (deceased) 
Butler, Edward Casey, 
Lawrence "Larry" K. 
Clark, Robert M. 
Courreges, Wayne A., Jr. 
Cowan, Amanda 
Fitzpatrick, Sue 
Giffin, Rt. Rev. Robert T. 
Green, Tom B., III 
Haney, Ruth Ann P. 
Harris, Lyttleton T, IV 
Hinckley, Deborah Porter 
Holmes, Geni Sauro 
Hadyka, Gabrielle Smith 
Hamilton, Renee
Jackson, Thomas 
Johnpier, Jan Brooks 
Johnson, Ora Jane 
Lucas, Stephen
Luna, Charles E. 
Marrs, William M. 
Mullenweg, Charleen 
Nesbitt, De Ette DuPree 
Novak, Rynell S. PHD 
Petosa, Colleen
Rigel, Janisue 
Rigel-Liepman, Davena 
Rios, Cheryl Whitt 
Stone, Donald Rev. 
Taylor, James C. Rev. Dr. 
Thibodeau, Patricia M 
White, Linda Kay Vanderberg 
Woolverton, Carrie 
Wright, Pamela Rouse 
Young, Lynn Forney 
Zink, Cheyanne  

We are pleased to show the new diplomat pin. Available to all diplomatic fellows. Please check qualifications to become a diplomatic fellow on our website.

To order, send $30 +8 shipping, via PayPal - send payment through payPal to:

To send a check by mail, please contact the Treasurer.