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About Us

Texas Genealogical College
[TGC] was co-founded in 2015 by Lynn Forney Young and Judge Edward F Butler, Sr., as a non-profit organization dedicated to serving the genealogical and heritage society communities of Texas, and beyond. TGC provides a forum for genealogical, lineage, heritage, and heraldic societies to collaborate and conduct society meetings.

Texas Genealogical College's purpose is to serve as a conduit for each member hereditary organization to spread the word about the qualifications for membership, in each, and their respective events and activities.  Additionally, TGC holds an annual educational seminar and honors prominent members who have demonstrated higher achievements in the genealogical and hereditary communities.

Texas Genealogical College was formed for the following reasons:

  1. To promote and support genealogical education through the development and improvement of genealogical skills and competencies of Texas Genealogical College members through virtual seminars, and
  2. To promote and support the Lynn Forney Youngs Scholarship, and
  3. To promote and support the Texas Genealogical Hall of Fame to recognize men and women for their outstanding leadership and exceptional genealogical work, and
  4. To publish a periodic directory of members, and
  5. To promote and support an informational website; i.e., www.texasgenealogical college.org, and 
  6. To promote and support interaction among our members through social media

Past Presidents:
2023-2024 - Wayne A. Courreges Jr. (Current)
2022-2023 - Janisue Rigel
2021-2022 - Tom Jackson
2020-2021 - Robert M. Clark
2019-2020 - Barbara McCormick Petrov
2018-2019 - Marcy Carter-Lovick
2017-2018 - Pamela Rouse Wright
2016-2017 - Lynn Forney Young
2015-2016 - Judge Edward Franklin Butler, Sr.

Co-Founders: Lynn Forney Young, and Judge Edward Franklin Butler, Sr.