Texas Hall of Fame - Class of 2020


John Beard

John Beard's  passion for lineage societies and love for genealogical societies is vital in today’s changing, fast-paced world. He has served as President of the Texas Society Sons of the American Revolution; founding officer of the National Society Descendants of American Farmers; and 3rd Lt Commander of the Sons of Confederate Veterans processing membership applications by verifying genealogy and other support. He is a member of the General Society of the War of 1812 and the Military Order of the Stars and Bars. He has served as a speaker at several lineage societies as well as Louisiana State University and other seminars. A recipient of numerous awards, John is the dependable source for business questions in the lineage society world.

Martha Ann Hartzog

Martha Ann Hartzog   is a 5th generation Texan who has written three historical books; three articles; and 18 programs given to heritage organizations. Serving as president of Hood’s Texas Brigade Association re-Activated; an officer in the Texas Society Daughters of the American Revolution and Colonial Dames Seventeenth Century; and as a board member of the Austin Civil War Roundtable, Martha Ann has received numerous awards for creativity and state and national projects. Martha An1n co-founded a video production company, Alta Vista Productions, to document Texas history. She firmly believes that history is a continuum through time, each period related to the one before and the one after, and that we should honor our ancestors.

Ora Jane Johnson

Ora Jane Johnson is a sixth-generation Texan who loves genealogy. She has been a very active member of the Daughters of the Republic of Texas; 28 other lineage societies; the State Genealogical Society, with First Families of Texas and Gone to Texas certificates; National Association of Parliamentarians, and the American Institute of Parliamentarians. She has held national offices in the United States Daughters of 1812; National Society Descendants of American Farmers; Continental Society Daughters of Indian Wars; 2; and, the Daughters of the Republic of Texas. Ora Jane’s membership objective is “to document and honor my ancestors through my membership in lineage societies and to further the patriotic and philanthropic goals of the societies through service and participation.”

Mary Anthony Startz

Mary Anthony Startz is a member of the Order of Granaderos y Damas de Galvez working to promote the history of Spain’s role in the American Revolution. As a board member, she serves as National Secretary and Deputy Governor of the Houston Chapter. Anthony is a member of Hispanic Genealogical Society of Houston, Daughters of American Colonists, Daughters of Union Veterans of the Civil War, Continental Society of Indian Wars and National Society United States Daughters of 1812. A 30-year member of DAR, she has held several positions within the Spanish Task Force. She educates the public at large about Spain’s support during the American Revolution and has published articles in numerous journals and genealogical publications. Her book, The Papers of Joaquin Ortega, is the go-to resource for all Ortega descendants.